Monday 3 December 2018

Reds no.10 Christie Murray on her life in football so far

Midfielder and Reds' no10 Christie Murray talks Scottish football, Andy Robertson, her footy-mad family and the Liverpool life


The Scotland Women's team are naturally delighted to have qualified for the World Cup next year, the first time we have reached the finals. For us as a nation it’s such a huge achievement and we’ve worked towards it for such a long time. It’s really, really exciting for Scottish women’s football. We’ve got a good length of time to prepare for it now but it’s something that we’re all looking forward to. But the focus now is on our club football because we know that we need to be performing well in our club football in order to be selected for the national team.


In terms of the league as a whole, it’s a lot more competitive here in England than in Scotland just now. Glasgow City are a very strong team, like Hibs, but the game is still growing in Scotland whereas it’s a lot more established in the FA WSL. With it being full-time here, people are able to just commit fully to playing football whereas at home, people have got other jobs too so it has still got a bit to go. They are working on it but they are just a little bit behind in terms of resources and players. There are a lot more people who play football in England too. Glasgow City have just won their 12th consecutive league title and they had a good run in the Champions League this season too which is obviously really positive for the national team and for Scottish women’s football in terms of trying to put it on the map.


Andy Robertson has been doing so well for Liverpool and it’s great for him to be appointed the captain of the country. His story shows that it can take time to settle into a club but he’s persevered and his performances have been stand-out. He’s a great role model for young footballers and for the national team.

When you look at his start at Queens Park, it shows you that hard work gets you a long way. He’s obviously very talented and he knows what it takes to be at the top.


My brother and I are a year apart so I just grew up playing football. My Dad’s a massive football fan and he used to play a bit at junior level as well so I always had a ball around to be honest. I played football all through school. I started at five and then joined the school team when I was eight. That was a boys' team and from then on I just continued to play and joined a girls' team when I was 10 or 11. I’ve always had a passion for football. It’s always been there. I think having a brother a year younger obviously helps as well because we were really close so we would always be playing football.


I share a flat with Niamh Fahey. I knew her a bit before I joined Liverpool because I played with her at Arsenal for a year. It’s easier when you know people and we get on really well. The weather here is the same as in Scotland! I really like Liverpool as a city. It reminds me a lot of home. The people are really nice and the city is very vibrant with lots to do. It reminds me a lot of Glasgow so I feel quite at home.


I’m a Celtic fan. They have always been my team and I’m not hiding that!